a consumer product to train concentration and relaxation

As the focusing muscle of your eye relaxes, the brain also relaxes going into an enhanced

Alpha Brain Wave state known as being “in the zone”.



"“I experienced a spinal cord brain injury fifteen years ago. Receiving good medical and physical therapy care I have been able to move out of nursing homes into my own home, get up and out of bed and wheelchairs and have the ability to walk without assistance and to live something of an independent life. What is true for all fifteen years is the ongoing all day experience of pain. I have reflex symmetry dystrophy. Along with this condition my physical self lacks alignment and co-ordination. I met Dr. Trachtman through the recommendation of my General Practitioner and at the time I was wearing very thick glasses that were also bifocals. Working with Dr. Trachtman and the Accommotrac and now having the Zone-Trac which I can use in my own home I have been better able to manage pain, physical therapist find it easier to work with alignment and co-ordination and i can see much better with lower power lenses and i no longer need bifocals. The Zone-Trac lowers my experience of physical stress and using it an hour before going to bed I now sleep through the night.” Mr. MN

Dr. Joseph Trachtman has invented a phenomenal device that improves your vision, in addition to the way one thinks about the world.  Through consistent use of the device, one's concentration and relaxation greatly improves.  I'm forever grateful he has introduced this incredible piece of technology to my life, my family, and the world.  Be prepared to see the world in a whole new way!” Mr. MG